Bookoff McAndrews is thrilled to announce Chris Agrawal has been named the firm’s first Managing Partner. Since opening 10 years ago, BoMc has grown from two to over 40 attorneys and nearly 80 total team members. Spurred by hundreds of patent clients worldwide across virtually every industry, this growth called for a Managing Partner to guide our strategic vision. Chris brings humility, enthusiasm, and that vision to the role.

Chris joined BoMc upon its inception and quickly impressed colleagues and clients. He was elevated to partner just three years later with co-founder Les Bookoff claiming “Chris is one of the finest attorneys and people I’ve had a chance to work with.”

Chris’s fellow partners give him rave reviews. Dinesh Melwani says, “Chris continues to embody a thoughtful, attentive, and personable approach to leadership.” Kirsten Johnson adds, “I’ve been fortunate to work with Chris for many years, and he has always shown tremendous consideration for others and a knack for tackling complex issues. His intuition on how to navigate change in the best interests of the team truly sets him apart as a leader.”

With Chris as Managing Partner, collaboration and teamwork throughout the firm will not change. All of our partners will continue to share management responsibility and decision-making input. A team approach has been and will continue to serve as the foundation of our culture and success.