The Intellectual Property Section of SABA-DC will host their Spring event at Bookoff McAndrews on April 30, 2014. During the event, Ami Gadhia, portfolio director, technology licensing, at Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer, and Dinesh Melwani, partner at Bookoff McAndrews, PLLC, will discuss Intellectual Property Licensing Strategies, including technology transfer considerations relating to corporations, universities, and startups. They also will provide an overview of the technology transfer function between academia and industry, and the collaborative relationship technology transfer fosters between universities, corporations, and startups.  The speakers will discuss exemplary contentious issues (including prosecution of patents, improvements based on collaboration, publication, and financial terms), the reasons these issues are typically contentious, and potential solutions for bridging the gap and closing the licensing deal.

For more information about the IP Section or to RSVP for this event, please contact Rahul Das at [email protected]. Please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, April  29, 2014.