On Thursday, October 29, Bookoff McAndrews Partner, Dinesh Melwani, will join a panel at the IP Strategy Innovation Summit in Boston to discuss litigation strategies when challenging patents drawing from lessons learned from post-issuance proceedings. The panel, which includes Naveen Modi of Paul Hastings and Jonathan Andron of Philips Lighting, will discuss topics of interest to PTAB practitioners, including the new wave of hedge-fund petitioners; who may be considered a real party-in-interest and challenging the identification of a real party-in-interest; and how Section 325(d), joinder, and estoppel apply to multiple proceedings. Additionally, the speakers will discuss the latest developments announced by the USTPO, including the new rule packages aimed at improving trial practice before the PTAB.

The IP Strategy Innovation Summit will be held over the course of two days starting Wednesday, October 28, in Boston, MA. To view more information and register to attend this event, please click here.