BoMc secures a spot in the top 5 on Vault Law’s 2024 national associate rankings of Best Midsize Law Firms to Work For scoring a 9.177 on Vault’s comprehensive grading scale.
BoMc earned top marks in important categories such as:

  • Diversity – #2
  • Associate/Partner Relations – #3
  • Firm Culture – #3
  • Transparency – #3

These rankings span midsize law firms (those with approximately 150 attorneys or fewer) across the country, regardless of practice area.

Firms are graded on 15 key metrics from “Hours” to “Formal Training” to “Compensation” based off of anonymous survey results collected from a substantial majority of each firm’s associate pool.

In its final verdict, Vault reports that, “relationships between partners and associates range from professionally friendly to genuinely close, with valuable informal mentoring occurring on a regular basis.” The publication adds, “the work is interesting, and associates are given frequent opportunities to manage projects and grow their skills.” Vault also makes note of wellness efforts, stating that compensation is “well balanced with quality of life,” with “partners encouraging time off and personal efforts to stay healthy.”

Additionally, associates say:

  • “On a daily basis, everyone brings a positive energy to work and everyone’s phone is open to talk at any moment. The staff and the attorneys all have a close working relationship [that] is further bolstered by the friendships outside of work.”
  • “This was a great change of pace for me from BigLaw. The partners here are hands on and really know their work, and they do a great job at training new attorneys. They are also very good at informal mentoring and teaching. I feel like I had a partner mentor as soon as I started, and it has really helped me develop as an attorney.”
  • “Our work environment is very flexible, so we are able to work whatever time of day, week, etc., works for us as individuals. Even before COVID, flexibility was a great bonus of the firm and that has not changed even with us working from home for such a long duration.”
  • “I am very satisfied with my work. I feel that I am given opportunities to take on as much responsibility as I am able or willing to take on. I have significantly developed in my professional skills and development since I moved here from a BigLaw firm.”
  • “We have a weekly in-house informal CLEs to discuss best practices in patent counseling and marketing. We also have a formal series on patent counseling every few months. The mentor program is great! It provides associates with informal guidance from experienced associates and partners. Outside the mentor program, I feel comfortable approaching any attorney to discuss particular issues or career growth.”
  • “The firm is very transparent on promotion/partnership. There are non-partner roles in the firm, and each attorney may take a course or track that each attorney wants to pursue. There are exit opportunities, for example, patent office and other governmental roles, and in-house counsel and other corporate roles.”
  • “The firm makes a committed effort to diversity and social responsibility. This is reflected not only in our hiring, but also in the events sponsored by and participated in by the firm, firm policy, and our frequent discussions and events.”

In addition, BoMc is once again featured in Vault’s “Top 150 Under 150” list, which recognizes the top 150 law firms in the country with 150 or fewer attorneys.

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